Welcome to Fuolornis Systems

Fuolornis Systems (FSL) is my company name, and is based in South Wales (UK).


Found this attractive Fire Dragon on the web to decorate the pointThe name hails from the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - So long and thanks for all the fish.

Fuolornis Fire Dragons  are from the lands of Brequinda. I've read all the books and just liked the name and being Welsh, the connection with dragons was too much to resist.

Well, actually the site is mostly dedicated to leisure activities under the Miscellaneous section, and is probably more interesting by far.

These 'leisure' interests are:-


Work - Oracle Database  Support

Oracle Support is basically what I do for a living as an I.T. contractor. I have been doing this for more years than I can remember, well since version 4.0 anyway.

There have been some really notable projects that I've been involved in and these can be seen briefly in the sections that follow


Just recently I've started taking my sport far too seriously for comfort, largely because I suddenly got a lot better and a lot older.


Needless to say, it's not all plain sailing, trying to be a full time athlete whilst holding down a demanding job and raise a family. Teenagers and the Inland Revenue can be so demanding.


On top of all this, I get the chance to have fun. Collecting single malts happened by accident, I don't drink beer so people bought me whisky, I know some strange people!

Scuba diving is just one of those things everyone should try when they go on holiday. Not all will enjoy it but I do so there.

Biking. Well I just ride nowadays, used to do a whole lot mode, but a couple of bumps have put paid to that. Well that and the "full time athlete" bit and two kids.

Single Malts
Scuba Diving