Scuba Diving

  Padi vs Naui

     Way back in 1986, we were on an 18-30 holiday in Corfu when we got to do a try-dive in the north of the island, in the sea not a pool. It was fun but the bug didn't bite. Thirteen years later in and in Fertuventura for our wedding anniversary, with one sprog in tow, we were wondering what we should do for amusement. A try-dive sorted that out in the hotel, then it was off to the dive site with Naui and I was hooked.


This was the hard way in a pool in Cardiff, but it wasn't long before the PADI Open Water was gained. It was achieved in a freezing (4C) flooded quarry in Tamworth in October 1998. It was fun but, I swore never to dive in the UK again.

Listed are the various holiday dives that I've been lucky to do.

  More Qualificaion

 One limitation of the PADI Open Water is the allowed depth (18m), so in 2003 I tried to do my Advanced, as this extends this limit to 30m. Sadly illness postponed the completion until the following year, but it was well worth it. It also taught me underwater photography which I took to like a duck to treacle.


Some of the acceptable pics are included here, the rest got recycled