Malt Whisky

  • The collection is just the listing of the current state of the drinks cabinet.
  • The database option takes you to the Distilleries & Malts database site.
  • The Scottish Regions. Widely acknowledged as the centre of the universe as far as single malt whisky is concerned, the Scottish Regions are outlined here pictorially.
  • Although Scotland is so well known for malts, it all began elsewhere, probably in Ireland. Certainly some of the distilleries date back much further.
  • Wales, yep claims that Whisky was distilled in North Wales even before Ireland. Nowadays there is still real production in Wales.
  • Malt Whisky has travelled the world, here are some of the offerings from around the world.
You should be able to click on any picture of a bottle to see it more clearly - as long as you allow pop-ups. Most of the pictures are my own but I've had to filch a few where I've not yet visited the distillery. Oh and thanks to Multimap for the maps as well.